Monday, June 2, 2008

No Big Deal, and No Big Boxes

Apparently, shipping things larger than a coffee table book is an insane idea in the UK. I searched in vain for a box big enough to hold some things I am shipping home to myself, and nowhere could I find one. I went into six stores on High Street, each one of them repeating the following:

"Have you tried the post office?"
"Yes, they don't have any."
"Well, I can't think of anyone else who would carry something like that."

Really? Really??!! Maybe it is a reflection on American consumption that we can ship anything of any size, as long as we secure it with enough cardboard and packaging tape. So I ended up having to buy bubble wrap and paper. I wrapped it all in the post office like a belated Christmas present. Upside, I now have extra bubble wrap, which is fun. Downside, I now have a very suspicious looking package that I have to take to the post office:

This is my last week in London, and I have decided not to make a big to-do of it all. My time in London has taught me a lot about experience and how to really make the most of my time on earth. So this last week is not an ending. It's more like a beginning-transition-next-step time. What I have learned in London about using all five senses, cementing bonds, exploring, and being grateful for every moment I will take back with me to Seattle. Nothing is different except location. Even then, it's such a small world, does location really matter?

Look for more posts when I return to Seattle. I have thoughts-a-plenty I haven't been able to record due to time constraints.

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