Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deuxieme Fois

Second time in Paris. Second time to feel overwhelmed and under-prepared, but this time for a whole week.

On our first morning out and about in Paris, Jenny and I walk out of our apartment complex to find a policeman whistling "La Vie En Rose". I half expected him to present us with some baguettes and cheese sur la maison.

The theme of this trip is to just be in the city. I am learning how to just be wherever I am. Part of just being is going with the flow and bringing a book wherever I go. For example, Jenny and I went with a couple of French girls she knew to study in the park. It was a beautiful day, but some stupid tower of obstructing my view of the encroaching sunset.

The next day, we went to watch the football match near the Sacre Coeur. After a disappointing draw game, we went to this small park near the cathedral and saw this beautiful, blue-tiled wall, on which was written "I love you" in every language imaginable:

And then these kids set the garbage receptacle on fire:

Jenny turned to me and asked if I had water. I reached into my bag and realized the bottle was empty. I ran to the fountain and told the kid in French to push the button for the water. I scurried with maybe a half liter of water, most of it ending up on my pants, and handed the bottle to Chris, who then threw it on the small but mighty blaze. The fire was somehow extinguished, and the kids said, "Il sent les burgers!" Chris was not happy about this.

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