Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Wonder It's Dark

Every day, several times a day, for the past week, I have walked these narrow stairs to my room:

I have passed the gold and platinum records several times, thinking they were some kind of decoration. The other day, I paused for a moment and read what was on printed on one of the records:

Presented To
To Recognise Sales in the United Kingdom
Of More Than 250,000 Copies of the

Wait a homestay's father's name is Ed....

I immediately Wikipedia'd The Vapors...the lead guitarist's name was Edward Bazalgette...further investigation revealed that he is currently working as an editor for the BBC.

Wait a homestay's father works for the BBC....

Thank goodness no one was home when this discovery was made, for Caroline and I made quite a lot of noise, and they probably would have either thought us deranged or that something caught on fire.

Caroline and I had to leave for Jenny's, so I left a note explaining how I accidentally printed my Wester Union receipt on the back of a paper that had already been printed on. I included:

Ed, are you the Ed Bazalgette? We need to talk.

When we returned, Jenny in tow ("Hey Jenny, you know that song, 'Turning Japanese'?"), we interrogated Ed and found out that yes, it was true, he had been the lead guitarist for The Vapors. Cue girlfan noises: "Omigod what why didn't you say anything that is so cool we YouTube'd your video Jenny shut up!" He was very nonchalant about it, the way you want any really cool rock star to be.

In the video below, Ed is the one who jumps up in the air and disappears:

And no, the song is not about what you think it is about.


Captain Julie said...


miss brix said...

awesome!! my first instinct: I must tell my dad! I miss you. I'm off to my first day of work. I'll tell you about it later.

Poinski said...

Oh my god.


That is cool.

Catherine said...

THAT song? Ha! Awesome.